Gospel According to Mountain Folk:

  1. Instill a furrowed vigor in the life of those drudging through lifelessness with an intense exposure to the great outdoors.

  2. Transfuse inept cowardice with weather-beaten fearlessness through adventure.

  3. Make boatloads o’ cash-money for charities all over the world.

Amenities of modern life will make you soft. Go out and let mother nature cuss you up a little bit. She always delivers.
— Founder M. Waterford

Why we do it.

  • Poor people need things. We have access to all the things. Share.
  • The wild bits of planet Earth are going away. Save what we've got. See it while you can.
  • Have you ever wanted to tell folks how well-traveled and worldly you are? It's quite enjoyable.
  • For Adventure's sake. See defined.
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