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Trekker's Junket: Brown County State Park

  • Brown County State PArk Nashville, Indiana (map)

The Trekker’s Junket is an unsupported adventure challenge for a good cause. Brown County State Park is widely known as one of the most beautiful and rugged places in Indiana. Sadly, too many people know this. So in order to fully enjoy it, your neighborhood Mountain Folk Trekking Team created the free-for-all, see-it-all Trekker’s Junket on the most unlikely of weekends.


January 16th  (Optional) : Pre-Trek Party - Teams will gather at Rally Campground near to the starting point, for copious amounts of celebratory excess  and debauchery. 

January 17th: Awards Ceremony and Start (9am-ish) – With headaches and backpacks in stow, participants with be sent off into the wild on a hunt for the best of the Park. Lists will be given out of the finest places to see and visit within the woods. At each point, trekkers will have to take a photo of themselves, thereby proving they visited it, and then they move onto the next. This being a Mountain Folk event, teams will be on their own to provide themselves with shelter, food, water and warmth. 

6pm: all teams will gather back at the starting point to boast and toast to the glorious findings of the BCSP. The Top 3 teams with the most points photographed will be hailed as “The Most Grand Team That Least Enjoyed Their Weekend!” Other awards will be handed out for most trash picked up, and so on. 

Any questions call or email the Mountain Folk.

Entry Fee: You know what? NO ENTRY FEE. Donations are accepted and will go towards assisting legendary blind adventurer Lonnie Bedwell attend the Ouray Ice Climbing Competition this season. 


January 16th: Pre-Party – Location TBA

January 17th: Start line/ Breakfast- 9am - LOCATION: Within Brown County State Park, exact location: TBD– Then the send-off to go Hike/ see/ do/ enjoy/ etc., etc…

January 17th: 6pm Teams meet back at the Base Camp for the closing Ceremonies and music and more libations from our friends at Salt Creek Brewery.

Awards are given for the following:

Best Costume(s)

Most Underprepared

Most trash picked Up

Rules: Teams must have shelter and water. Its hard enough to be out there in it. Don't kill our buzz by doing something silly like killing yourself. 

We suggest you print this out:

Be Warned

THE WILDERNESS IS DANGEROUS. This is an unaccompanied trek. Hiking anywhere is dangerous, and can seriously injure you, or worse. You are purposefully given little in the way safety nets, in any form. There is a reason for this. It is real adventure. It is the nitty-gritty, raw, scabrous, leathery, weather-beaten crudeness that leads to its uncommon results. It is dangerous. It is chancy, formidable, hairy, perilous, risky, serious, and all other variations of the term. In all seriousness, do not take this trip lightly. It can take your life. Ensure your gear is suitable for the challenge or you will die. Ensure you are up to the physicality of the spectacle or else you will get tired out and die. If you roll your ankle and lose all of your gear down a ravine, you need to figure out how to move on, on your own. There will be many instances where you are hours from available assistance, so take this warning seriously. Ask any Mountain Man about the dangers of the wild, notice the quiver in their eyes, and the stern expression. They don’t take it for granted and neither should you.