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The Bicycle Scavenger Hunt For Charity

Join us May 17 at Reverend Butler Park, Downtown Bloomington, for Scalley Cat! This nonsensical escapade is a mix between a scavenger hunt and your typical alley cat race. The race is setup for teams of two. Each pair uses a digital camera to photo and film checkpoints, that are as diverse as all the people, places and things Bloomington has to offer. Participants receive a book of objectives, the Scalley Cat Bible, and the race begins. Cyclists then have six hours to complete as many objectives as they can or wish. After the objectives are achieved or time expires, cyclists return at the end of the day with bibles filled. They will be graded, and we will tally up the points. Winners are rewarded at the shenanigans following the race at The Backdoor.

WHEN/WHERE: May 17, 2014 - Registration starts 11am. Race begins at High Noon. Racers will meet back at Reverend Butler Park six hours later, and we will tally the points. Party at the Backdoor after the closing ceremonies.

WHAT YOU NEED: Trusty Steed (bicycle), Bike Lock, Camera, Water (there are no water stations on the course because there is no set course), snacks (in case you get hungry during the race), Spare Cash ( for lunch, beverages, and post race shenanigans).

WHAT YOU GET: Upon registration each team will receive the Scalley Cat Bible (among other things) which will be your absurd guide for the duration of the event. It will have far too many checkpoints and objectives to get to in the allotted six hours, so your team much choose which to partake in. Each goal or objective must be recorded, and will be worth a certain amount of points.

WHY YOU DO IT: At the end, we tally it up, and to the victor goes the spoils worth a certain amount. Also, by participating you are throwing dollars at the Mountain Folk Official Charity, Gear Going Global. Check out the good work they do at: