Unabridged Swashbuckling Ignorance, wandering 2,350 miles on the back bone of the New World. 

"This is the toughest river adventure in the Western Hemisphere. To get any bigger you got to switch continents...and we're working on that." -Roughneck Waterford

Imagine fashioning your own boat out of scrap pieces of particleboard and duct tape and then taking a blunder down the world’s fourth largest waterway. To undertake a voyage of such magnitude would steal the hearts of lesser folk, but we're looking for those that want to take everyday adventure, and knock it in the teeth. For many generations, the great river road has been the backbone of a growing nation. This is a chance to explore it properly, like Huck and Jim did way back when.  This is an adventure, not a vacation, and should be respected as such.

Exploit your Freedom and paddle the Mighty Mississippi. Inquiries go to: Info@TheMountainFolk.com.

Be Warned

THE RIVER CAN KILL YOU. This is an unaccompanied voyage. Rafting anywhere is dangerous, and can seriously injure you, or worse. There are no safety nets, of any form. It is the nitty-gritty, raw, leathery, weather-beaten crudeness that leads to its uncommon results. It is dangerous. It is chancy, formidable, hairy, perilous, risky, serious, and all other variations of the term. In all seriousness, do not take this trip lightly. It can take your life. Ensure your craft is suitable for the challenge or both you and it will sink. Ensure you are up to the physicality of the spectacle or else you will sink your boat and die. If you roll your craft and lose all of your gear, you need to figure out how to move on, on your own. There will be many instances where you are hours from available assistance, so take this warning seriously.

Ask any Mountain Man or RIver Folk about the dangers of the river, notice the quiver in their eyes, and the stern expression. They don’t take it for granted and neither should you.


NEVER GIVE UP. This is extremely difficult and strenuous thing to do. Keep telling yourself you want to know what’s around the next bend, and let the river take you there.

Want to become a Certifiable River Folk? Email us at Info@TheMountainFolk.com.