Update & Gear List

Indiana Land Trust Trek

Update & Gear List

I'm excited. For years, I've been watching my friend, Ash Dykes, on his trekking expeditions. First the Mongolian Gobi, and now traversing Madegascar. And I've wanted in. I've done a few long hikes, but never anything fresh and exciting like he has been up to. Until now. 

The Indiana Land Trust Trek started because there aren't enough people that know about or support their local land trusts; community funded public wilderness areas, that are safe from developement, logging, and those that would ruin it. This fact, and I wanted to go for a hike.

 My last hike through the Andes Mountain.

My last hike through the Andes Mountain.

The route I've chosen is only 203 miles, and I'm lucky enough to be able to take my time at it. 17 days of seeing my home, and rediscovering a place I once thought I knew. All my life I've heard people pity those if us that live in these fly-over states, and this is my chance to again say outloud, Indiana doesn't suck! I've been using that hashtag for years when I go out on local trips, but hopefully this time people will get a better glimpse of what I see. Moreover, I want to show that no matter your place in this world, adventure is just outside your door. 

Below is my quick attempt at a gear list. It may leave you with some questions, but know that, as always, I'm still learning about this stuff. That's why they call it "exploring." Follow along this trip, join me as I hike though Bloomington, Indiana, and camp with me the evening after at Yellowood State Forest. See you then.

Gear List:

● Cart

● Tool Kit

    ○ Allen Wrentches x5

    ○ Allen bolts x10

    ○ Washers x6

    ○ Locking nuts x2

    ○ Wrenches x2 (locking nuts lrg/sml)

    ○ Zip Ties

    ○ Duct tape

    ○ Tire Pump

    ○ Lighter x2

    ○ knife

    ○ Multitool

    ○ Parachord 20ft

● Harness by Snowsled

● Boots TNF Ultra Fastback Mid GTX

● Extra pair of shoes: TBD

● Socks: wool blend x3

● Syn. underwear

● Pants x2 - by Prana & Arc’teryx

● Base Layer Pant x2 - Ibex wool expedition weight

● Base Layer Shell - Arc’teryx Beta Pant

● Gaters/YakTrax

● Base Layer Shirt x2 - Ibex 

● Shirts (wool/Synthetic) x2 - Patagonia R1, TNF Windstopper

● Sierra Designs Down Jacket

● Arc’teryx Atom LT

● Arc’teryx Alpha SV Shell

● Buff x2

● Beanie

● Beanie base layer

● Gloves 

●Sunglasses/Case JulboExplorer Sunglasses

● SunHat Patagonia Sun Booney

● Trekking poles Kelty Range 2.0

● Tent MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2p

● Backpack Kelty 110L Red Cloud

● Seal Line bags

● Sleeping bag: Sea To Summit Trek TK1

● Sleeping bag liner: Sea To Summit SIlk Liner

● Sleeping pad Exped Synmat UL

● Exped Schnozzel Pump Bag

● Toiletries

● First Aid Kit

● Food

    ○ UgoBars x60

    ○ Coffee packets x30

    ○ Powdered milk for cream

○ Breakfast

    ■ Museli Blend

        ● Quick Oats

        ● Pumpkin Seeds

        ● Sunflower seed

        ● Walnuts

        ● Pecans

        ● Dried Bananas

        ● Dried Blueberries

        ● Chocolate Chips

    ■ Supplements:

        ● Fish Oil Tablets x20

        ● EmergenC

○ Lunch

    ■ Summer Sausage

    ■ Cheese

    ■ Vege? Carrots/Swt Potato/etc?

○ Dinner



    - Spice-So-Nice

● Jetboil Flash

● Fuel Canister x2

● Bowl/Cutlery

● Water Tanks

● Water Treatment Iodine tablets

● Water Filter Sawyer

● $50 Cash

● Bike Lock/Key

● Watch

● Compass

● Thermometer

● Pen x2

● Travel Journal

    ○ Documenting Everyday

        ■ Date

        ■ Mileage

        ■ Locations (start/finish)

        ■ Weather

        ■ What did I see?

        ■ Places/People of interest

● Tech:

    ○ Solar Panel: Goal Zero Nomad 13

    ○ Battery: Venture 30

    ○ InReach Explorer GPS Unit/Power Chord/Wall Plug

    ○ Phone/Charger/Stick

    ○ Ipod/Earplugs x2

    ○ Headlamp w/rechargeable batteries

    ○ Extra batteries AAA

    ○ Camera/Lens/Battery x2/SD Cards x2/Charger/Case Tripod

● Print Outs:

    ○ Trek TImeline

    ○ Maps (Pt1/2)/Directions

    ○ Contact for Land Trusts

    ○ Stickers