Trekker's Junket: Why Brown County State Park?

As a kid Nashville, Indiana was a weekend getaway for my family. I thought it was pretty cheesy at the time. Little antique shops, candy stores, and a park. I went there a hundred times and it was always just OK. Now as an adult I see what my parents, and practically the entire state sees, arguably the most beautiful rolling hills and forests in the Midwest.  Nashville and the surrounding forest were the first vacation destination of Indiana. For centuries now, people have been coming there to vacation and enjoy the scenery. 

Brown County State Park covers over 15,000 acres and is the largest park in Indiana. But like many of the more popular parks in North America, people only see from their car. But fear not, we Mountain Folk aim to get people out in it, and maybe even get a little lost for a while.


 I could go on and tell you how there are activities to do all year round, and in the summer time, the foliage is out and its practically America’s Shire. But I won’t. Go to the Wikipedia page to find out more boring facts like that. I will tell you, however, that for the weekend of January 17, the Mountain Folk are turning the Shire into Mirkwood Forest (for the few folks out there that don’t recognize Tolkien references, it means we’re turning into a place to get lost in, and moreover, go read The Hobbit).  The Trekker’s Junket is for hearty folks that really want to see the park as is should be. Where there is no noise from traffic, or any of those pesky tourists in sight. 




We’re hitting up the Rally Campground the evening of January 16. The Mountain Folk will be camping the entire weekend, enjoying as many Salt Creek brews as the firewood allows. Join us then, or come Saturday morning by 9am, where we will pass out the maps and set off for a good long hike. As always with Mountain Folk events, be prepared for bad weather. Last Trekker’s Junket we hiked in 8 inches of frozen slush and 2 days of freezing rain…and had a blast. If you have any questions on the event, shoot us a line on facebook or email:


Winter is only another reason to get out in it. See you there.