Expedition 720: Update Me

Previously we mentioned this crazy South African going around the world twice to raise a million dollars for Hiefer International. Well, he's on the road in North America and has been for a few weeks. I got a call from Angelo before Christmas and got caught up on the first 12 days of Expedition 720. He was having issues with his tent and needed some info on gear for the far north, but as usual, he was cool as a cucumber.  Since then he has suffered through a raging storm on the California and Oregon coastline and the cold rain and headwinds of Washington. He just passed through Portland is on his way North…far North. Alaska. With winter coming on. Don't let the kindness and manners fool you, this guy has the grit is takes to pull off an expedition this big, and he's already proven it in the first month.  Watch the live tracking at Expedition720.com.