The Mountain Folk

We are a group of adventurers and explorers pushing the limits of adventure. Our purpose is to educate through our experiences and to inspire people to travel. Michael Waterford founded this company in 2012 named it after those men and women that before the development of the Western United States, lived and thrived in the great wilderness areas beyond the end of the line. Mountain Folk Adventure operates under the belief that adventure travel is a cure-all for many of the world's problems. It will take the participant and put them in direct contact with the strange, the wild, the good, and the bad. 

Adventure travel kills ignorance, promotes humility, and a better understanding of the earth and it’s people. You don’t get that within the pages of a textbook...traveling taught me more than college ever did.
— M. Waterford

So go explore. Get lost. Get dirty and push your limits. Do it more, and while you're at it, do it for a good cause. We are given all the space and freedom anyone could ever want. Exploit it. And if you need ideas for adventure, we got a few. 

The Mountain Folk. Adventure everyday, every way.  


The Edge of Adventure

Some would call it a blog. We think of it as much, much more. See what's happening out on the edge.

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Need an idea for an adventure. We got them. 

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